Hundreds of hours of planning, designing and programming experience makes Team Morpheous a right choice for your software development projects. We provide turnkey and customized solutions for Windows and MAC OS based systems. Our solutions include standalone software, client-server based software, Internet enabled desktop software etc. We provide solutions to various types of industry including security agencies, hospitals, clinics, Travel agencies, restaurants etc.

Software Development and Designing Life Cycle

Steps of Software Development Life Cycle or SDLC:

  1. Requirement Gathering: This step includes gathering of requirements from client and Q& A sessions related to the requirements. Clarity and Understanding of the requirements during this stage is very important to have well planned and hassle free development.
  2. Designing Wire-frame of the System: During this step, software which is going to be developed is visualized and flow of the software is made using wire-frame method with details related to each windows, screens and different interactive parameters of the software like buttons, drop-down menus etc. is decided. This will clear any doubts remaining in the first step.
  3. Development of the Software: Once the wire-frame is made and verified by client, programmers are Morpheous will start programming the software. This phase also includes development testing and bug-fixing which continues till the end. During this phase many review meetings are done and if needed changes or additions are made as per client suggestions.
  4. Testing: This phase includes QA Team from Morpheous and also User Acceptance Testing or UAT from client. Any issues or bugs found during this is solved and further testing is done to make sure the software is hassle free and robust.
  5. Implementation: Once the system passes all the tests and gets reviewed and verified by client marks the start of implementation stage. The software which is now fully developed and tested is implemented on client’s PC, MAC, Hand held devices or Server. During the implementation the last phase of testing is done to make sure everything is working perfect.
  6. Handover: After the implementation of the system it is handed over to the client with detailed documentation and proper training to use the software. Morpheous also provides screen recordings and images showing steps to use the software as a part of handover and training of the client or their employees.
  7. Maintenance: Any development from Morpheous comes with 180 days of warranty, during which Morpheous is responsible for solving any remaining issues or bugs for free. We also provide maintenance services for your software which includes daily-backup, threat assessment, security updates etc.
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