iPhone Game Review for GLOW, developed by Morpheous

iPhone Games have came a long way from simple puzzle games in 2008 to Graphically intense MMORPGs of today. Morpheous has a vast experience when it comes to iPhone Game Development and Designing. Our highly experienced iPhone Game Developer can develop mathematically complex games with astonishing physics for both 2D and 3D environments. Our team of expert Mobile Game Analysts will provide detail analysis of your iPhone Game idea and how we will make it real. With over 20000+ hours logged in mobile game development alone, Morpheous is the best place you can be to convert your game ideas into reality.

In 2015 Morpheous made it to news by creating first ever 10 Commandment based Role Playing Game with over 10 hours of Gameplay. Our motto is not only to fulfill your iPhone game development requirements but also to make sure that the game is made according to how you exactly visualized it.

GLOW RPG iPhone Game Development by Morpheous Jumpin Jack iPhone Game Development by Morpheous

iPhone Game development – Idea

As you would be well aware that everything begins with an idea or a thought while playing games or may be watching someone else playing to have your own mobile game, the way you want it. Our team of expert analysts will love to hear your ideas and go in-depth of each feature of it. Morpheous has capability to convert the smallest and simplest form of ideas into the most astonishing and addictive iPhone Games. This is a first step towards exciting journey of iPhone Game Development.

Analysis and Development Breakup

Once our experts have information on your idea and more details related to it received from you, they will do in-depth analysis of it. From deciding on how the game score will be calculated, how the characters will be designed and developing storyline to game mechanics, everything is detailed in the analysis report. This stage gives us an idea of how much development cost it will incur and  how long it will take to develop. This time and cost breakup is very essential for deciding the budget of the game and knowing when it may become live on Apple App Store.

iPhone Game Designing, Programming and Testing

This is where the conversion of an idea takes place. Design and programming of the game is done parallel, any changes and additions are done during this phase of iPhone Game Development. Our iPhone Game Programmer will provide you regular updates about the game progress. Game Developers at Morpheous use various game engines like Unity 3D, Unreal etc. according to the needs of the game and platform selected. for iPhone Game Development we have dedicated team of Unity 3d Game Developer. One designing and programming of the game is done, it goes to the next stage of Testing.

Testing Phase of the game development includes testing by QA team and professional gamers from Morpheous and client side testing. Our game testing includes both single and multiplayer setup with alpha and beta releases. We have an active online testing community from 15 different countries with 6000+ logged hours.

Morpheous provides free game upload services and takes full responsibility of Apple’s Approval process on technical grounds. We also provide app store content optimization and keyword analysis services free to our clients.

Game Development Services for iPhone and Development Methodology

Turnkey solution via D3 Model. Design – Develop – Deliver. Here are some of the steps and services for development of iPhone games from Morpheous Game Development Studio:

  1. iPhone Game requirement analysis
  2. Story Creation
  3. Story Board Designing
  4. iOS Game Programming
  5. Character Creation
  6. Game Localization
  7. Game Monetization
  8. Animation
  9. Environment Creation
  10. Map Designing
  11. Inventory Designing and implementation
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