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Every now and then, certain games are created that become extremely successful in their own right and become trendsetters for many other similar games. One of such games is GLOW or Guardian Light of The World. GLOW is one of a kind mobile action RPG game that has been created for the Android and iOS platforms and has already captured the imagination of millions with its highly realistic graphics and engaging storyline. While plenty of action games do offer people the excitement of indulging in tense action sequences, the best thing about GLOW is that it also has a rich story to go along with all the action that makes it a wonderful experience for gamers to indulge in it. By winning the Player’s choice App of The Year Awards on a reputable mobile gaming platform SlideDB Guardian light of the world mobile action rpg game has proved that it is truly a gem of single player hack n slash genre.

Gaming is one of the most popular forms of entertainment all across the world. While at one time it was considered a domain particularly suited for kids, nowadays even adults find themselves addicted to the pleasures offered by high end gaming. Gaming has evolved greatly over the years, with new technological improvisations added every now and then to make them even more realistic and entertaining than ever before. Investing in developing games is something many companies are now taking an active interest in, due to the immense market exposure and financial benefit that it can provide. So if you are looking to have the best game development outsourcing services for your company, then you need to get in touch with a reputable game studio.

Morpheous Game Development Company is one of the most reliable names in the world of cross platform development. Whether it is for mobile, PC, MAC or Consoles, you can rely on Morpheous for offering you top notch services that make use of the highest level of technical expertise for your game development outsourcing requirements. Here is a brief look at the various kinds of services that we offer to our clients.

GLOW RPG Game Development by Morpheous

Game development for Mobile Platforms

As the number of smartphone users are increasing all over the globe, the popularity of mobile games is soaring even higher than ever before. We excel at developing high end iPhone Game Development, iPad Game Development, Android Game Development and Game Development Services for Windows. The smartphones of today come with superior resolutions and graphics features, which make playing games an even more exciting experience. We can not only design games for you from scratch but can also optimize them for maximum downloads from Google Play Store, Apple iTunes Store and Windows Store.

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Game Development for PC and MAC

While game designing for mobiles has taken the world by storm, the PC is still one of the most loved gaming platforms used all over the world. It is thus no surprise that there is a high demand for games made for Windows and Macintosh PCs. The same can be said about personal computers using Linux operating systems. At Morpheous, you will receive all round gaming solutions for all of these PC platforms. The technical parameters of our games are well suited for PCs, and come with high end graphics and resolutions.

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Game Development for PC & MAC by Morpheous
PS4, Xbox, Console Game Development by Morpheous

PS4, Xbox Consoles

Gaming consoles have increased in popularity over the years. The latest versions of popular gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox and Wii-U offer players absolutely state of the art gaming options that provide nonstop entertainment. All of our services are customizable for the leading gaming consoles of today.

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Game Development Services and Development Methodology

Turnkey solution via D3 Model. Design – Develop – Deliver. Here are some of the steps and services of Morpheous Game Development Studio:

  1. Game requirement analysis
  2. Story Creation
  3. Story Board Designing
  4. Game Programming
  5. Character Creation
  6. Game Localization
  7. Game Monetization
  8. Character Conversion from 2D -> 3D
  9. Animation
  10. Environment Creation
  11. Map Designing
  12. Inventory Designing and implementation
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