Jumpin Jack Puzzle Game

Made for the iOS and Android platforms, the Jumpin Jack puzzle game requires a player to control the avatar Jack and jump on numerous small 3D squares. The player also needs to avoid the sinkholes that keep opening up quite suddenly. After the successful completion of the first level, the player needs to move on to the second level and continue in this way through the game. The 3D puzzle game has a total of 120 levels which become progressively difficult as the player moves through higher levels. Not only the speed of the Jack’s movements will get quicker but the sinkholes are also going to open up more unpredictably. The player can choose from 10 different avatars of Jack while playing this iPhone puzzle game. Download it from:

Jumpin Jack Puzzle Game for iPhone
Jumpin Jack Puzzle Game for iPad

GLOW Action RPG Android & iOS Game based on 10 Commandments

GLOW Action RPG Android & iOS Game

Guardian Light of The World or GLOW is a role playing game that is set in the backdrop of Biblical myths. The game features highly realistic graphics and imagery along with spectacular sound effects which provides a highly engaging gaming experience. The game has been praised by numerous circles for its effective use of atmosphere and storyline. Designed for the Android and iOS platforms, Guardian Light of The World has already been reviewed positively by critics and it has also been hailed by ardent gamers in different parts of the world.

glow action rpg mobile game google play icon

glow action rpg apple app store icon

visit website of GLOW and learn more about the game


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