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Morpheous is founded by Shalin Shukla, who has developed software on home PC for GRE and TOEFL CBTs in his teens and is currently serving as CEO of the Company

Choose the right Company for Promotion and Monetization of your Game to earn maximum Revenues

In the recent times, the popularity of smartphones has literally swept across every corner of the world and with that, there is now an increased demand for different types of apps and games. In fact, game development has now turned into a multibillion dollar industry. New innovations in this field have helped game designing companies to come up with exciting gaming solutions which in turn have [...]

Crush Your Competition – Go with the Best iPad Application Development Company!

Now that you have decided to step into this over competitive arena of iOS apps, you need to choose the best app development company. There is no denial to the fact that your business needs the best app in the niche and for this it gets imperative to comprehend the difference between an iPad app development agency and an experienced iPad Application Development Service like Morpheous. [...]

By | April 22nd, 2015|blog, Mobile Application Development|

Know – How of Hiring a Dedicated Android Application Development Services

With every second person out there in the world holding and using a smart phone, it is self evident that there is a need of having a mobile app for any business that wants to succeed. Mobile applications hold huge potential to make one products and services go popular and tend to have a great impact on sale and all this is making online entrepreneurs consider [...]

Pointers That Would Help You Pick the Best iPhone Application Development Company

With more than enough choices out there, the task of picking the best app development company would end up being an overwhelming one. With mobile applications becoming a prerequisite for all businesses, it gets imperative to choose a service provider like Morpheous that has enough experience of offering quality application development services. For all those who want to run their business in a futuristic way, investing [...]

Outsourcing iPhone Game Development can help you to boost your Business Prospects

The iPhone is one of the most startling innovations from the house of Apple. Now currently running its 6 and 6 Plus versions, the iPhone has enamored countless users all across the world with its state of the art features. From handling the basic functions such as call management and email to playing media files and taking images and recording videos, the iPhone models are known [...]

Increase in Mobile Gaming Promises a soaring future for iPad Games and iPad Game Development

Among the various innovations that have been brought to the market by the house of Apple, the iPhone and iPad stands as some of the best. Like the Apple iPhone, the iPad has also mesmerized countless users with its lavish screen and stunning graphics. It is for this reason that most people when they are looking to buy a tablet device automatically opts for the iPad. [...]

Making your own Customized Website – So Easy and Cheap!

Are you planning for your own website? Are you with a lot of ideas and designs in head, but no idea how to make it? Well then, here is the perfect opportunity to turn your ideas into reality! Website Development Outsourcing companies like Morpheous are here to help you to make and design your own website exactly as u want it to be, without you requiring [...]

Grab an opportunity to make your own App Today!

How Mobile Applications save our energy every single day .? Evolution of the smart phones has revolutionized our lives. Unlike yesteryear's, these days, we use our phones not just for texting or making calls. Our smart phones are a lot more than that! Today, we can literally do anything and everything just with a few touches and swipes on the few-inch device. And all these advancements [...]

By | April 17th, 2015|blog, Mobile Application Development|

Hire Professional Outsourcing Studio for your Android Game Development Needs

Android is the world’s most widely used smartphone operating system, with more number of smartphone devices being run by the various Android OS versions. Android games, like Android apps are extremely popular among the users of these smartphones and hence it is only practical from a business point of view to come up with top notch Android games on a regular basis. As the market share [...]

By | April 16th, 2015|Android and iOS Games, blog, Game Development|

Love playing Mobile Games? Now Design your own!

With the increasing use of smart phones in the current generation, there has been an enormous hike in the development of different types of apps designed to operate on different operating systems as well as for different age groups. Among all the categories of apps, Gaming apps are definitely one of the most exciting and addictive apps downloaded by people of all age groups. Gone is [...]

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