2016 is going to be the year of incredible mobile games. 2015 was also a good year unleashing an entire range of new releases, from astonishing teen dramas to plucky post apocalyptic RPGs like Cut The Rope 2: our current favorite, Dragon Heroes: Shooter RPG, Marvel Future Fight, Clash of Clans etc. But nowadays as adults are also getting addicted to Android games as well as the iPhone games along with the kids, game development studios are thinking to customize a complete new range of improvised games for better gaming experiences. That’s why 2016 is coming with a new set of interactive games like The Last Guardian, Pokèmon Go etc.

As the number of smart phone users is increasing globally, the popularity and demand of Android games and iPhone games is also soaring manifold over the demand of games in PC and Consoles. So the mobile Game Development Studio like Morpheous are investing more corpuses to introduce new improvised technologies for better gaming experiences. They are developing new range of games with good quality graphics and resolutions differently suited for Android, iPhone and Windows operating system.


Being a mobile game seller if you too are planning to have best mobile Game Development Outsourcing you must contact with any notable studio like Morpheous. Here you will get the following services apart from the latest mobile game development:

• Game programming
• Game monitoring
• Game localization
• Plot invention
• Character creation
• Dimension enhancement
• Story board designing

Following are the few of most recent and upcoming games that you have to compete with:

Star Wars: Uprising

It is a free game coming after the Galaxy of Heroes. Here the gamers can take part in battles and can create their own characters.

Fifa 2016:

Fifa 2016 comes with newer and latest footballing details with best gaming experiences ever.

Pokèmon Go:

It’s a free latest downloadable game for Androids. This is specially for the Pokèmon lovers and also for those who are fond of puzzle games.

Minion’s Paradise:

Tis one is for the Minion fans. The Minions get deserted in a lonely island following sinking of their ship. So here the gamers have to join them to prepare a perfect setting for living.

Fallout Shelter:

The fan of Fallout ranges essentially hit a try to this. Here they get complete control over a vault and have to keep the residents happy, will fed, and protected from the outside dangers in a post- apocalyptic environment.

Spiderman: Unlimited

It is a free game for Android uses. The Unlimited version is quite an adventure filled arcade game that keeps the gamers glued for hours.

Bad Piggies:

From the makers of Angry Birds, it’s a damn new launch. It is an amusing game full of fun for both kids and youngsters.

Plants Vs Zombies 2:

It is a free game earned utmost popularity in a very short period of time since launched.

So, if you are thinking to invest in game development or planning to outsource the service, have a talk with the experts. A good Mobile Game Development studio can help you make a stand with unbeatable gaming ideas and many more.

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