The travel industry is dynamic to say the least. Not only does it generate millions of jobs across the globe but facilitates our tourism-related activities in a major way as well. In short, there are a lot of people who are dependent on this particular industry. The executives within the industry are thus faced with multifarious challenges when it comes to ensuring operational efficiency, quality customer service, customer loyalty and branding. The entire commercial realm, today, is shaped by the quick innovations in technology. Needless to mention, the travel industry is no different as well. Mobile apps remain one of the most notable innovations in the travel industry.

Mobile Apps : A Major Innovation

The mobile apps have emerged as a great help for both the customers and the people who are a part of the travel industry. The travel companies can sell more tours to clients by offering live updates, deals and offers through these apps, while the customers can get all the information they need to organize their trips quickly and effectively. Therefore, if you are a travel company and are yet to cash in on the advantages of Mobile App Development then you’re surely lagging behind.


Taxi App like Uber

Consider the example of a Taxi app like Uber. This app has advantageous features working both for the taxi drivers and customer. Find out how it facilitates communication among the travel company, taxi driver and customers:

The taxi drivers can register and login through this app and create his profile. They can add their rates per mile in their profile. After building their profiles they can receive pick-up requests from customers and accept or reject the request as per his convenience, track the record of the miles covered by him and the location of the customer on the map.

The customers, on the other hand, can build app profiles using their Social Media profiles, request for pick-up, acquire an estimate of the costs for their ride if the pick-up request is accepted, register complaints against drivers if any, see history of their drive and do a lot more.

The admin of the travel company can track all the aforementioned web functionalities available to both the driver and the customer. For instance, they can track the reviews added by the customers, complaints, customer and driver profiles etc.

Today, if you are looking forward to secure proper app development services for a Taxi app like Uber then you should get in touch with professionals adept at developing highly functional iPhone/iPad & Android Taxi App like Uber. Judge their credentials by having a close look at their work experience and the kind of web development projects already handled by them.

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