Android is amid the most admired operating systems which comes with a range of user-friendly features that make it really well armed with diverse gaming characters. It has succeeded to capture the market with its winning features such as powerful graphic chips, fast processor and high-resolution screen to name a few. This platform supports clarity-induced mobile games and offers the best gaming experience. Today there is a shortage of professional companies that offer Quality Android game development solution at competitive prices. Here what is crucial is in selecting a reputable Android Game Development company which comprises of a dedicated team of developers for carrying out the project.

What makes Android the right platform?

Android is a platform that is mature but still growing which most game developers over the years has embraced. This widely distributed and well-established platform have surpassed the capacities of the latest generation console systems. In fact what is really exciting is any game level ranging from the simplest, most complex to casual possesses the opportunity of being an absolute break-out success. The diversity of Android users with respect to taste, gender and age has made this a fantastic podium for mobile game development firms, both small and large.

What has made Android the top selling mobile operating system?

Mobile games today have turned into an engaging activity and the availability of Smartphones has greatly contributed in popularizing such games. In fact it is Android that has been adopted via multiple game development companies to capture the market share within this industry vertical. By now most people are aware that Android games are not restricted to Smartphones only because majority of the tablet manufacturers too are utilizing Android OS. As per the latest sales figures it is evident that Android is amid the highest selling tablet and mobile operating system since a couple of years. It speaks volumes on the increasing popularity and demand of Android in the electronics market. Newer trends within the mobile gaming such as unity 3D Game development is becoming humdrum enabling the unity game developer and 3D Game Design Team in harnessing the amazing potential of the mobile gaming industry.

The ABC of Android Game

Popular streams of Android Games

The top Android game development outsourcing companies like Morpheous today have the finest technical professionals who can offer up to date Android Game Development Outsourcing Services. They are well-versed in the latest trends taking place within the gaming world and can offer innovative gaming solutions in the following genres namely,

    • Educational games
    • Learning based games
    • Sports games
    • Quiz games
    • Fighting games
    • Bike and car racing games
    • Conceptual games
    • Puzzle and brick games
    • Action Games
    • Adventure games
    • Others

An effective medium for business promotion and advertising campaign

Android game development is in great demand today and there are negligible chances of it fading or lagging behind in the future. In fact seeing to this, many companies have begun hiring Android mobile game development & Promotion firms like Morpheous as an effective medium for business promotion or advertising campaign where the user along with playing the game can also shop from their preferred retail outlet, purchase a property or a new car.

Android game application development- its amazing features

    • This is a JAVA based platform that is open source and offers consistent and robust environment for developing Android game applications
    • It is supportive for almost every form of image, video and audio format
    • Being based on JAVA, both 2D as well as 3D games can be easily created
    • The cost involved is low in comparison to other technologies

Hurry, consult a professional mobile game development outsourcing company right away and hire the best Android game developer to do the needful. Good Luck!

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